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Chaplaincy Services provide spiritual, ethical, and personal support to school communities.  SU Qld Chaplains provide positive adult role models for students.  Chaplains are present in schools at the invitation of the Principal, in consultation with the local community, and with the support of the P&C Association.
What does a School Chaplain do?
A School Chaplain is a safe person for young people to connect with at school and provides a listening ear, caring presence, and a message of hope.  Chaplains run positive, fun activities for students and assist in fostering supportive, caring school communities.
Working with other members of the school’s support team, the Chaplain cares for students struggling with issues such as difficult relationships with other children or family members, poor self-esteem, family breakdown, and depression.
The partnership between the school and the Chaplaincy Service, supported by local churches, businesses and community organisations, provides a network of local support and assistance.  These positive relationships help young people to face difficult issues, and provide hope, connection, meaning, and purpose.
The Chaplaincy Service is available to everyone in the school community regardless of their religious beliefs.
Adam has been in the school for 4 years now and has a number of programs and activities in which students and parents can partner. 
Adam has had a diverse range of work opportunities, working predominately within two fields that complement the role of Chaplaincy, being recreation and social/ community work. This experience is supported by qualifications, such as a Diploma in Sports Coaching, Bachelor of Social Work (honours 1st class), and he has just completed his Graduate Diploma in International and Community Development through Deakin University and is currently completing his Masters.
With this diverse interest, Adams role in the school has an eclectic focus that sits within 3 spheres: Young people needing support; positive student community engagement; leadership development and mentoring.
Young people needing support
Adam is available for students, parents and teachers in a pastoral setting to work through any issues. This most of the time leads to individuals being connected to the right person in the school who then can support the person in the best manner.
Adam also facilitates 3 therapeutic adventure programs: PEP (Personal Empowerment program) which supports junior female student that are looking to develop their confidence and self-esteem. Rock and Water which aims to develop a greater self-awareness and focus with students struggling with class behaviour. The Jig-Saw program that engages grade 10 students in a creative charity enterprise involving up-cycling, drum making and making Cajon drums.
Positive Student Community Engagement
Adam facilitates a range of ongoing community activities. These include activities such as: The Great Chappy Choc Battle, Mobile Phone recycling, Spin Off, Sleep on a Cardboard box night, Going the Distance (6823 km school cycling race), School Café, Mother’s day Pamper evening, Ricochet (clothes recycling), Father’s day Laser Zone, Murder Mystery Nights, Busking Clubs, Mighty Minions (creative charity group)  and a number of others.
Adam also participates in several school camps during the year supporting the camp programs with his experience in outdoor education. He also is a part of the basketball coaching team, coaching the senior basketball team to the grand final for the past two years.
Leadership and Development
Adam is involved in supporting a number of leadership activities in the school. Adam manages the year 11 leadership group in collaboration with the local Lions Club. The LEOs focus is on supporting the school, local and international community which sees them managing a number of the community projects that create the positive community engagement for young people. Adam also has over 30 students participating in the student Chaplaincy Committee, a number of parent, teachers and community members that make up the Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC).
Adam has also supported the Peer leader training over the last 3 years that provides our junior school leaders with counselling skills that they can use to support their peers and then direct them to the school based support networks.
Finally, Adam is working on creating several social enterprise spaces within the school with The Bloom Box project, Jig-Saw program and the Mighty Minions that sees an eclectic mix of school leaders and students being involved.
Will my child be involved?
Involvement with the Chaplain is entirely voluntary and students choose whether or not they want to be a part of the activities that are offered.  Parents will be consulted if their child wishes to be involved in ongoing one-to-one meetings with the Chaplain or in any programme or group involving spiritual or ethical content.  Parents have the right to refuse permission for their child to be involved in any Chaplaincy activity or event.
How can I contact the Chaplain?
The Chaplaincy role is currently only 4 days a week. Adam is available every school day during school hours. Feel free to contact the chaplain via phone or email:
Ph: 5409 7316 Email:
If you have any questions/objections regarding the operation of the chaplaincy program, please contact the school Principal.  All concerns will be raised as part of the annual school community support consultation process.​