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Drive Program


Desire Resilient Intelligent Versatile Excellence - DRIVE

Maroochydore State High School runs a program to support its gifted and talented students called the DRIVE Class Program.  This program identifies the top achieving individuals in years 10-12 and is designed to nurture the personal development and academic focus of our brightest students.  The aim of the class is to also build a strong supportive network amongst students and create close mentoring relationships with staff.

Students in the DRIVE program meet with pastoral care teachers and the Deputy Principal every morning during Form Class.  This gives staff and students daily contact and provides close monitoring and communication about assessment, events and other important information.

During pastoral care, DRIVE students may listen to guest speakers, are taught higher order thinking skills, study skills, stress management techniques and a wide variety of other skills required for high academic performance. 

Collaborative Learning – Camps

The ability of collaborative learning or study groups to significantly enhance learning is well documented.  In response to this, the DRIVE program offers a camp to Years 10 & 11 students in Term 2. 

Year 10 Camp

Year 10 students participate in a 3 day camp to Emu Gully.  The aim of the camp is to develop group dynamics, teamwork, problem solving and higher order thinking skills. Students are also given the opportunity to fail and therefore grow in a supportive environment.  This is a key life skill high achieving students must learn if they are to pursue excellence in Years 11 & 12.  The cost of the camp is approximately $200 and occurs in Week 6 of Term 2 every year.

Year 11 Camp

Year 11 students participate in a 3 day camp with Murphy’s Creek Adventures.  This camp is designed to challenge students in all areas – physically, socially and emotionally, to create real resilience and purposefulness in all individuals.  The camp also gives students the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real life problem solving situations and develops their decision making capacities.  The camp usually runs in Week 4 of Term 2 every year at a cost of approximately $275 . 

Year 12

Year 12 is the final phase of the three year program and is the enactment phase.  Students are expected to have developed all of the knowledge and skills they need to produce high academic outcomes.  The performance and wellbeing of DRIVE class students is monitored closely and extra support is provided for QCS preparation and other subjects when needed.  Some gifted and talented opportunities arise throughout the year, but for the most part, the focus is on students attending every class, every day to achieve their personal best.

Selection of Students

The academic performance of the whole year level is monitored closely by the Deputy Principal Senior Schooling and Heads of Year.  If students demonstrate via their report card that they have achieved high academic outcomes at the end of each term, they will be asked to join the class.  If students find the program too much or they are not maintaining high outcomes, they may be moved from the class to a mainstream Form Class.  These students will be given support from their Head of Year and the Guidance Officer to develop strategies to return to the class if they are motivated to do so.  Therefore the class is fluid and rewards all students who are willing to work hard to achieve high outcomes.