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Uniform shop

The uniform shop is located beside the canteen, and can be contacted via telephone on (07) 5409 7368. It has an extensive range of the new uniforms, which you can see examples of in our uniform guide brochure and takes cash payments or EFTPOS. Cheques are not accepted. Most items are readily available and reasonably priced. Please see our school uniform price list for a full catalogue.

School uniforms are very economical and durable giving families excellent value for money when the cost per wear is calculated over several years. Assistance can be provided if necessary due to financial pressures. Please contact the school to arrange an appointment to discuss financial assistance.

Our uniform order form (PDF 155 KB) is provided to help parents in planning their purchase. Please DO NOT e-mail the uniform order form back to us, as we will not be able to do up orders without proper sizes. 

Normal Opening hours

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
 7am -9am  7am -9am  7am -9am  7am - 9am  7am -9am
 11am -12pm  11am -12pm  11am -12pm  11am - 12pm  11am -12pm


Alternatively, please telephone (07) 5409 7368 to arrange an appointment.



Maroochydore State High School uniform policy information

The Parents’ and Citizens’ Association of Maroochydore State High School has determined that there is a dress code and uniform policy for students of Maroochydore State High School and as such, our school strictly adheres to the uniform policy.

​With reference to Sections 360 – 363 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, the Parents’ and Citizens’ Association of Maroochydore State High School has resolved that it supports the Principal in the development of a student dress code policy that all students attending Maroochydore State High School must comply with.

The Parents’ and Citizens’ Association believes that a school dress code policy at Maroochydore State High school promotes the objectives of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, and in particular that it:

  • Promotes a safe environment for learning by enabling ready identification of students and non-students of the school
  • Promotes an effective teaching and learning environment by eliminating the distraction of competition in dress and fashion at the school
  • Promotes a supportive environment at the school by fostering a sense of belonging
  • Encourages tidiness, loyalty, teamwork and pride in the school and students’ own appearances. Fosters mutual respect among individuals at the school by minimising visible evidence of economic, class or social differences.
  • Helps to ensure that students are wearing clothing that is practical and safe in all learning situations, especially Science, Home Economics and Manual Arts.

The determination about school student dress code policy also includes standards regarding shoes, jewellery, hairstyles and make up. For any occasion, extremes in dress and appearance that will cause undue comment or distraction are not allowed.

Students attending Maroochydore State High School are required to wear the correct school uniform without alterations or additions while at school, including excursions and sport and while going to and from school. 

The wearing of plain black leather shoes/joggers with the uniform is required.

The school strictly adheres to the uniform policy.

The following outlines how the uniform is to be worn across different year levels and in different situations.

Dress code/Uniform requirements (Ratified by the Parents’ and Citizens’ Association)

Girls Uniform:

  • Skirt
    • Charcoal pleated skirt with School emblem visible at hemline. To reach the knee. Skirt not to be rolled at waist or re-hemmed.
  • Shorts
    • Charcoal hipster knee-length dress short with School logo at hemline.
  • Blouse
    • Striped over-blouse with piping and embroidered school emblem. Must have sufficient overlap of skirt to conceal midriff when arm is raised.
  • Junior Secondary Polo Shirt
    • White polo shirt with green/gold panels across shoulders and under sleeves.
  • Senior Secondary Polo Shirt
    • White polo shirt with green/gold panels under sleeves.
  • Jumper
    • Further consultation to occur.
  • Shoes
    • Black leather upper with black soles and laces (refer below).
  • Socks
    • White ankle socks.
  • Tights
    • Black opaque or flesh coloured (not footless).
  • Tie (Optional)
    • Available from Uniform Shop

Boys Uniform:

  • Shorts
    • Charcoal knee-length walk short with school emblem at hem. May be worn with plain black belt - No large buckles
  • Formal Shirt
    • Striped over-shirt with MSHS embroidered logo.
  • Junior Secondary Polo Shirt
    • White polo shirt with green/gold panels across shoulders and under sleeves.
  • Senior Secondary Polo Shirt
    • White polo shirt with green/gold panels under sleeves.
  • Jumper
    • Further consultation to occur.
  • Shoes
    • Black leather upper with black soles and laces (refer below).
  • Socks
    • White ankle socks.
  • Tie (Optional)
    • School tie available from Uniform Shop

The Formal Uniform can be worn on any day of the week. 

On parade day ALL students must wear their formal uniform. If a student has a Physical Education lesson on the day then they are to bring a sports shirt to change into for that lesson only. Students in other year levels are encouraged to wear formal uniform on a Monday.

The Formal Uniform must be worn on all excursions by all students unless the Principal has given an exception to the particular activity through the Faculty Head of Department.

On occasions such as Awards Night and other activities whereby students are representing the school the formal uniform will be worn unless otherwise instructed by the school Principal.

  • Only school jumpers are allowed during the colder months.
  • Please note: It is an expectation that shorts will be worn correctly placed – i.e. no underwear is to be seen at any time. If this is the case, the purchasing of a more correctly fitting skirt or shorts will be required. It is also expected that blouses/skirts be worn correctly –i.e. no midriff to be seen.
  • Cargo pants (i.e. pants with outside pockets) are not acceptable.
  • Polo Shirt sleeves must not be rolled up.
  • T-Shirts are not to be worn under school uniform pieces.

Other aspects of uniform policy

  • Socks: Short plain ankle length white socks/white sports socks (no football socks). No coloured socks.
  • Shoes: Plain black leather joggers or black leather shoes with black soles and black laces. The wearing of high-tops is not acceptable – e.g. Doc Martens. “Surf shoes” or “skate shoes” do not meet uniform requirements. If a student has a medically diagnosed foot injury, a medical certificate can be produced to seek exemption. However, it is advisable to still wear protective covered shoes, as feet can easily (accidentally) be trodden on in a school environment. At no time are scuffs/thongs acceptable. Note: Departmental safety standards stress that closed-in leather uppers must be worn in laboratory and workshop situations at all times.
  • Caps, Hats and Headbands: All students are encouraged to wear hats or caps when outdoors to protect from the sun.
  • Fashion beanies / bandanas are not part of our uniform. Headbands for girls must be gold or green or black and not excessive in width.
  • Sunscreens (available free in several locations at school) should also be worn when students are in the sun for an extended period.
  • Appearance: Extremes of hair style (i.e. bald, mohawk, extensions) are NOT PERMITTED. Hair must not be brightly coloured or dyed in an unnatural colour.
  • If boys choose to wear a beard, it must be kept short and neatly groomed.
  • Tattoos are not acceptable.
  • Makeup: Whilst we know it is difficult to determine how much make-up is too much, we ask that girls be limited to light foundation, mascara and cheek colour. Coloured lipsticks, coloured fingernails and eyeliners are not permitted.
  • Long Pants: No tracksuit pants to be worn at any time Tights: (Junior and Senior Girls) Black opaque or flesh coloured (not footless).
  • No leggings are acceptable.
  • Jewellery: The wearing of jewellery is done so under strict guidelines. Standard items – Watch, signet ring, [religious flat ring] necklace of religious/cultural significance on long chain to be worn inside shirt so it is safe and cannot be seen. Earrings: One (1) pair sleepers OR small studs is allowable for male and female, one sleeper or stud on each ear. These are to be worn at student’s own risk. Under Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines all other visible body piercing is not permitted as they have proven to be unhygienic and dangerous in some instances (i.e. pierced body jewellery on the face is NOT permitted – no studs, rings or bars are to be worn on the eyes, ears, nose, tongue or lip area). Ear lobes with wide open holes are not safe/acceptable in the school environment NOTE: Students should remember that expensive jewellery worn to school is their responsibility.


While students are encouraged to wear sunglasses when they are out in the sun, students are not permitted to wear sunglasses in classrooms. When in class, sunglasses are to be kept in the student’s pocket or in a case on the student’s desk. No responsibility will be accepted for damage to or loss of sunglasses at school.

Note also that the School Prospectus states that “No expensive items of any nature should be brought to school”. This applies to sunglasses as well.

Students not in uniform

Parents/guardians are required to provide a note of explanation if a student is not dressed in approved school uniform. Staff will work with students (and parents as needed) to ensure that students are able to meet the basic requirements associated with school security and Workplace Health and Safety.

Free dress days

The Principal may permit the Student Council to hold a maximum of one free dress day per term. Students who choose to come out of uniform are required to wear proper shoes that meet our Workplace Health and safety requirements. Thongs, sandals, scuffs etc are not permitted. Clothing must be modest (e.g. midriff tops are not acceptable, see through clothing) and not have offensive messages or images displayed. Students who do not meet these basic requirements will be required to change. Students who take up the privilege of the free dress day are required to make a gold coin donation to the Student Council in aid of the designated charity being supported that day.

An important note about extremes in appearance and piercings

The school consults regularly with a range of local businesses about the standards of dress and appearance that we should be instilling in our students in preparation for entry to the workforce. The majority inform us that they do not permit their employees to have extremes in hair styles or visible piercings.

One of the school's main responsibilities is to prepare students for entry to the workforce either in a full time capacity or if attending university, in a part time capacity. Thus, the requirements about appearance and piercings are based on community business standards, not arbitrary ones drawn up by the school and are another reflection of our efforts to give our students a competitive edge on completing school.