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​Testimonials from past students

"My experience in Australia was really good, I had a great time here. Australia is so beautiful and was so good learn about one new culture The beginning was so hard because was hard to understand the English and dealing with homesickness. I loved my host family. They are like one real family for me.

 Here I made lot of friends and I grew."

Gabriela Aguiar - Brazil

"I had the opportunity to choose schools from all over Queensland. I was told that the Sunshine Coast would offer a friendly and laid back atmosphere, and at the same time be a more authentic region of the state. Maroochydore State High School became my number one choice. A choice I’m very happy about! I was able to pick from a broad range of subjects, finally deciding on Surfing, Marine Studies and Ancient History as my electives. I’m already in love with the beautiful nature and the friendly people Sunshine Coast can offer. Before and during my way to Australia I was very excited and a bit nervous. But the nervousness went away immediately. Since day one here at the Sunshine Coast, I felt I was taken care of. The school staff has been so nice and helpful, while my host family has been taking care of me like if I was one of their own. Although I’ve only been here for less than 2 months, I’m having a great time and I feel like an ordinary Australian student. The school has been organising trips to Fraser Island, Sydney and a Brisbane Broncos Rugby League game for the International students, and a trip to Great Barrier Reef is planned. A great way to experience and see beautiful places here in Australia."

Jo Marvik, Norway

"Well, after no much of 3 month on Australia I started to enjoy Australia. This experience is and will be unforgettable. Australia is a really beautiful country (I’m thinking come back again but as a tourist), Beautiful people, places, strange animals, etc.

This trip is an amazing testimony for my life. I enjoyed my time at school with my friends (very friendly people at school), and I could meet a lot of people from different countries like Germany, Brazil, Chile, China, Paraguay, Colombia, Portugal, Mexico, Indonesia, Africa and Switzerland.

Actually I’m a little bit nervous because I have to go back to Argentina. But when the time says enough is enough."

Jorge Navarrete – Neuquen - Argentina

"Everyone who is still uncertain about enrolling at Maroochy High as an international student: Do it!

Without a doubt this decision was the best decision in my life. I had such a good time with all the interested, funny, friendly and open-minded Australians over here.

At MSHS you will get a lot of support from a lot of people who offer their help.

Integrating into the school community takes a few days, not more. After a week you will be so busy with meeting friends that you really need to use the diary which the school gives out on the very first day. While doing that you will notice that your English will improve significantly.

The school organizes some great day- and multi-day-tours to the most interesting locations in Australia that are always great fun.

I still have half a year to go and believe me: I will enjoy every single second!"

Michael Funcke, Germany

"My experience in Australia was so good, this was definably the best choice that I have ever done in my life so far, in the first time when I arrived here I was so scary, because I didn’t know what will happen and what experiences I will do or live.

But now I feel that every thing worth, I lived here the best experiences, I made friends which will be forever, I had a very good host family, I thing I will be friends with my host mom forever, and I grew a lot."

Nicole Roussenq Brognoli    

Host family testimonials

"I enjoy the different personalities of the students, and learning from them, their culture and family ways. I also feel its an extension of my caring for young children and blending the young with teenagers, creates much fun and laughter at times. I enjoy very much taking them away for weekends and showing them our beautiful country. Their appreciation is very rewarding. It's sad to see them go and also exciting welcoming new students."

‘G' – Kuluin

"I enjoy the conversations we have and the endless questions. Their understanding of English has been excellent and I have also learned to economise my English and speak more clearly. I enjoy the ‘extended' friendships with their families via email, and the visits form other friends they have made here in Australia . They give me the opportunity and incentive to visit places that I have not been before, or in some cases, that I haven't visited for a long time. Both Steven and I have renewed friendships through our students playing soccer and we are very proud of their achievements on the field this season. Introducing them to new foods has been both interesting and amusing at times. They have also introduced me to some of the favourite foods and expanded my horizons ( as well as my waistline). I think hosting international students is like most things in life – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it."

'J' – Mudjimba

Parent testimonials

"Our son enjoys his stay in Australia and the experience he finds with his host family and at school very rewarding. For that reason, we take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for your open-mindedness and the care with which you teach our son. The way he experiences the lessons and the school community is very important for his well being and his very positive stay in your country. Thank you very much for all your efforts"

"A" from Germany