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Thank you to the large majority of parents who utilise the drop off and pick up zone for students on Maroochydore Road at the front of the school or in the Bus Bay. For safety reasons, parents are asked to use these zones and not to use the entry to the school or the car park for student drop off and pick up.  
The movement of approximately 1254 students in and out every day is a huge task.  Some parents have taken to entering the grounds in their vehicles to pick up students, leading to congestion at the main entrance.  This puts at risk the safety of many students.
To further assist us in keeping everyone safe, there are a few important issues to be considered:
·         Any yellow lined area is a no-stopping zone.  Please refrain from pulling up where there is a yellow line marked on the road edge, as this adds to the congestion and endangers the lives of our students. This includes the area close to the main entrance in the bus zone.  Vehicles stopping here can cause many hazards.
·         The opposite side of Maroochydore Road is a drop off zone, where vehicles may drop off and wait for students.
·         Please encourage your students to use the crossings correctly. Some students have been walking on the roadway, outside the barriers erected on Maroochydore Road.
·         Parents should not pick up students inside the school grounds.  Parking in the grounds is provided for parents and visitors here on legitimate business other than to pick up students.  Using the top car park or doing U turns just inside the main gate is dangerous.  Parents are asked to wait in the designated car parks in the bus drop off/pick up area.   Please be mindful of other businesses driveways when dropping off at the front of the school.
·         When exiting the school grounds in a vehicle at the end of the school day, parents are asked to use the back gate as this reduces congestion, limits the risk to students crossing the main exit to the buses and speeds up your exit from the school.  Thanks for supporting this safety procedure.