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A warm welcome to the 2017 school year. We're looking forward to another successful year for our students as together we work to support them to achieve their personal bests.  In 2015, the school introduced a process called “Preparing for My Personal Best”.  This cyclic process aims to provide an opportunity for students, parents and the school to work together in reviewing progress, establishing goals and identifying strategies to maximise each student’s success at school. 
Correspondence at the end of the 2016 school year indicated that all families would be invited to interviews in early February 2017 to meet with your child’s Care Teacher and be part of the Preparing for My Personal Best interviews at Maroochydore State High.
Tuesday 14 February is the designated non-contact day set by our School Council for these meetings to occur with your child.  Parents are asked to book a time either on Monday 13 February (3pm to 5pm) or on Tuesday 14 February (12pm to 7pm).  At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to review your child’s MyPB planning and support them as they commit to personal learning and growth.  This is the opportunity to identify those core areas for development and forge a learning partnership link between home and school. 
Every student in our school will be focusing on finalising the steps they will undertake to reach their Personal Best this year.  A future focused approach to setting individual goals, developing strategies for successfully improving their learning and identifying targets for their classes. 
As part of the process of supporting students with attaining their goals, we are asking all parents and/or carers to meet with a Teacher to review the plan.  To make an appointment for each child, please follow the PTO link on the front-page of our website. This link will open on Monday 6 February. (For further details, please refer to letter given to your student on 31 January). Students will only attend school on Tuesday 14 February for the scheduled interview with their designated Teacher.  This enables the teachers to be free to meet with our 1263 students and their families.
A supportive partnership between home and school is an important contributor to achieving a personal best for our students.  Feedback from parents in the 2016 School Opinion Survey highlighted a need to maintain these processes to support parent input to the partnership. 
Questions on this process can be directed to your child’s Care Teacher or by calling the school office on 54097333.