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All students have been issued with their individual Assessment Planner which lists all of the due dates for assessment for Semester 2. 
You are able to access a copy of the Assessment Planner at home or at school by:
  1. Ask your child to log onto on to: using their user name and password.  At school you can click the orange and black “OneSchool” icon on your screen.
  2. If you’ve never logged onto OneSchool before, it will ask you to “accept agreement” and may ask you to “submit your location” (Maroochydore State High School)
  3. On the next screen, click the “Available report/letters” window
  4. Then select Student Course Planner
    • Assessment
    • Then click Generate report
  5. The other useful report available here is the “Student Timetable” report.
We encourage students to print this document and keep it in the space where they do their homework, so they are able to plan to have all assessment done on time and to their personal best.  We encourage all parents to assist their child(ren) to be prepared for all assessment by looking at the planner and reminding their son/daughter of due dates.
Students and parents are welcome to contact the school if they are having difficulties accessing this important information